Our Toy Drive Donation! #CBias #DisneyCFK #ChampionsforKids

If you are a regular reader, you will know that I am currently working on a campaign with Disney and Champions For Kids. I wrote a post about how we give back to our local community. We donate gift cards to St. Columbanus Parish through our church, we take part in a teddy bear drive for domestic violence shelters, and donate what is needed for the homeless. … [Read more...]

Giving Back To Your Community During Christmas Time #CBias, #DisneyCFK

With the economy still in the tank, there are more families than ever that need our help this year. Our church helps several causes (which, in turn, means we do too). First, we donate gift cards to St. Columbanus Parish. The parish is very poor and could definitely use the help especially at this time of year. Their priest is Fr. Mike Knotek, and he is just … [Read more...]

Mother Goose Club

Did you know that early childhood research has shown that familiarity with nursery rhymes helps young children to read?  When preschoolers read, recite, sing, or clap along to rhymes, they develop a feel for the sounds and structures of language (which is especially important for those of us who have kids in speech therapy!). This is where Mother Goose Club … [Read more...]

Special Agent Oso R.R. Rapide Command Center

The latest Special Agent Oso line captures the action, adventure and spirit of the Disney Junior on Disney Channel preschool series starring a teddy bear named Oso, a bumbling, lovable, special agent-in-training, who enlists the help of viewers at home to complete his special assignments. Oso does his best to serve U.N.I.Q.U.E. (United Network for … [Read more...]