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Can somebody please help?

I think I will go insane.  Something is wrong with Will.  I think this started Wednesday already.  His face broke out with a rash on Wednesday.  I have been putting Nystatin on it and by Thursday morning the majority of it went away.  However, he has been throwing up big time.  Here's where it gets fun since you don't know what is real throw up and what is … [Read more...] about Can somebody please help?

BlogWorld — Day 1 Morning

I flew into Las Vegas last Thursday morning around 8. (I left Chicago at 6 -- had to be at the airport at 4. Yes, that sucked). I was able to get my luggage fairly quickly. What surprised me most about the airport was that they had vending machines for things like Ipods and flowers. Honestly, I have never seen that before. Having used the bathroom in … [Read more...] about BlogWorld — Day 1 Morning

Weekend In Review

We are back from Green Bay. Kari -- my sister -- bachelorette party was Saturday night (the whole reason we went up). So was Andy's (Kari's fiance) party. Everything went well. Nobody got arrested and everyone seemed to have a good time. My mom watched Madison for us and the little stinker actually slept. When we are there, she doesn't sleep at all in … [Read more...] about Weekend In Review