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I love self contained games which is why we love Appletters (well, that and it is super fun). Anything in the shape of an apple has to be cool. All the tiles are placed face down on the table. Each player takes nine tiles and stands them up so the other players cannot see them. The player then makes a work and places it on the table. The next player … [Read more...] about Appletters


Looking for a great game to play anywhere? Then Bananagrams is for you! Bananagrams is for all ages - 7 - 97. The game is fairly simple -- you place all the tiles in the banana (yes, you store the game in a banana!) face down. You then divide up the tiles (11-21) depending on how many people are playing (you can play with as few or as many as you'd like). … [Read more...] about Bananagrams

Word On The Street Junior Giveaway!

As many of you know, we love to play games here! I am always on the lookout for great family games and I have definitely found another one that you have to try out! Word On The Street Junior is for kids 8 and up. To play, a category card is read out loud and then you start the timer. Each team then brainstorms different words that will fit the category, … [Read more...] about Word On The Street Junior Giveaway!