Back From Vacation – #NSNation Update – Week 21

Since I didn't have access to a scale, I didn't have a checkin last week for you all. Instead, I was in New York with my kids. We drove there, so we had about 5 days in the car (total!). There are a few things I learned on my trip. First, I am a healthier person. We walked for 10 hours last Monday in Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and Staten … [Read more...]

Its A Blu World

I keep hearing in my head (sung to the tune It's a Small World) "It's a Blu World after all, It's a Blue World after all, It's a Blu World after all, It's a blu blu world".  Can you tell I have kids?  LOL.  On a more serious note, I have to tell you about the contest that BluFrog is running. (Now, I have personally not had the chance to try … [Read more...]