Playtex Twist and Click Giveaway!

Toddlers are always roaming around and exploring their surroundings but they often leave a messy snack trail behind for Mom to clean up! I also would like to add that preschools and school age kids have this problem too! What would you do with all that time that’s usually spent cleaning up after your kids? Instead of constant cleanup, Playtex has a solution. … [Read more...]

Kidswitch Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Lisa L. Congrats! If you have little ones, you know my pain. I can't tell you how many times a night I hear that it is too dark in a room, and I have to get up and turn a light on for Will. However, Kidswitch is now to the rescue! Kidswitch is an multi award winning product that puts lightswitches in reach and … [Read more...]

Soap Soundz Musical Hand Soap

Anyone who has children can tell you how difficult it is to get them to wash their hands. We can even tell you once you actually get them to wash their hands how difficult it is to get them to do it properly and for the right amount of time. That being said Soap Soundz Musical Hand Soap makes it so much easier!  Unlike your run of the mill soap dispensers, … [Read more...]

mOmma Collection

With everything else you can buy that's stylish for your little one, it's nice to finally see that kids feeding products are getting a taste of it (pun intended!). The new mOmma line of feeding products are for both infant and toddlers. These products blend both form and function and just making eating and drinking more fun. The roly poly shape allows the … [Read more...]