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About that mailbox . . .

I've never been a big fan of my mailbox.  However, it served its purpose till last night.  We woke up this morning to our mailbox laying on the ground.  Since a lot of my product reviews are sent by the mail, this is a very bad, bad thing.  Second problem, it snowed here last night, so the ground is frozen.  We think it was hit by the snow plow in the middle … [Read more...] about About that mailbox . . .

Too many things, not enough time

I'm trying to get the house ready for the birthday party this weekend.  First, I really don't feel like cleaning, so this makes it pretty difficult to get anything done.  LOL.  Bill had to work late last night.  He won't be home till 8 or 9 tonight too.  Thursday, he doesn't know when he's coming home either.  As you can see, it is left too me.  However, … [Read more...] about Too many things, not enough time

Weekend Update

Well, we got them majority of stuff out of the basement over the weekend.  Now, we just have a pile of trash and a few boxes that need to go out.  I am calling for the dumpster this week.  We are planning to demo the one room that is down there this weekend.  Once we do that, we are going to work on our floor plan (I want to add another bathroom down there … [Read more...] about Weekend Update

Garbage Cans

You know your life is boring when you are excited about getting new garbage cans. Our village just contracted with a new company for our garbage pickup and part of the deal was that they are supplying us with new recycle cans and new garbage cans. They dropped them off this last Saturday. The garbage one is about 96 gallons, and I think the recycle cans … [Read more...] about Garbage Cans