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Tabañero Hot Sauce

Bill loves hot sauce, so I recently jumped at the chance to check out Tabañero. They use the quality ingredients like habanero peppers, onions, carrots, garlic, FL key lines, and agave nectar in their hot sauce. Their hot sauce is 100% natural, gluten free, kosher, and free of that vinegar taste!  This award-winning product can be found in over 4,000 … [Read more...] about Tabañero Hot Sauce

Jammin With Pringles®

How have you included music in your life this summer? For Bill and I, we are currently working out more at the gym and great music has definitely become part of that.  We play music on all of our road trips too (and there may be some singing involved too).  Music is a big part of our life.  As you can see, we even play music in our … [Read more...] about Jammin With Pringles®

Name A Star Giveaway

Since 1979 International Star Registry has been naming stars for people all over the world. The star names and their coordinates are permanently recorded in the book YOUR PLACE IN THE COSMOS to be registered at the Copyright Office of the United States of America. To date 9 volumes of this book have been published containing over 2 million star names. The … [Read more...] about Name A Star Giveaway