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Madison Update: Influenza

I first need to thank Marisa and Kat for keeping me calm last night (I'll link you guys after I get some sleep tonight).  They kept me calm when Madison's fever spiked up to 105.7 last night.  We got it back down. However, her fever spiked back up around 2 this afternoon to 102.3 which at that point I called the doctor.  I then gave her some Motrin again.  … [Read more...] about Madison Update: Influenza

A Viking Fan, A Bear Fan, and A Packer Fan

A Packer Fan, a Bears Fan, and a Vikings Fan were standing side-by-side using the urinal. The Bears Fan finished, zipped up and started washing and literally scrubbing his hands... clear up to his elbows... he used about 20 paper towels before he finished. He turned to the other two men and commented, 'I graduated from the University of Illinois, and they … [Read more...] about A Viking Fan, A Bear Fan, and A Packer Fan