Wappy Dog

Did your kids want a dog for Christmas and didn't get one? I've got the next best thing! Wappy Dog brings forth the next generation of interactive toys, connecting a physical pet toy with the virtual world. Gamers care for and raise their very own interactive puppy to adulthood through an immersive experience communicated through the Nintendo DS, truly … [Read more...]


Zero asks players to give the “least popular” answers to questions about pop culture, sports, music, geography and more. University Games asked more than 450 people around the globe questions from the game. The responses were tabulated and assigned points based on their ranked popularity. Each ZERO game card lists the correct answers to each question, with … [Read more...]

PopCap Games

If you are looking for some great games for Christmas presents, I have a few that I'd love to pass along: Plants Vs. Zombies is an excellent fast-paced strategy game. A mob of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your home, and your only defense is an arsenal of zombie-zapping plants. This game is fun for the whole family – anyone age 5 to 105 can enjoy … [Read more...]

Squinkies 2 Giveaway!

Squinkies are one of the things my daughter and her friends all want. That is why we were super excited to find out that they have made a DS game! In Squinkies 2: Adventure Mall Surprize, players will explore the recently opened Adventure Mall Surprize. As young gamers control their squishy, squashy character, they learn to navigate the mall in a quest to … [Read more...]