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A Rough Patch

It doesn't seem so long ago (it wasn't either -- it was June when my aunt died and yes this is the same side of my family) that I was writing a post similar to this.  On Saturday night, my uncle passed away.  I think he was 82, so he lived a full life.  The weekend prior he had a heart attack and last week he had a stroke.  The wake is … [Read more...] about A Rough Patch

Ten Things I Learned While I Was At Pampers/P & G

1.  Use Head and Shoulders as a body wash.  It removes fungus, athlete's foot, etc 2.  Their mission statement is Happy healthy baby development 3.  According to studies that Pampers has done, babies who sleep uninterrupted all night function better in the morning. Keep the moisture away from their behind and they won't wake up at night! (well, except … [Read more...] about Ten Things I Learned While I Was At Pampers/P & G

A Light In The Attic

A Light in the Attic is one of those books from my childhood that my kids had to have. I actually bought the book before I even had kids -- that's how much I love this book. Shel Silverstein is one of those authors that is able to speak to both kids and adults alike. His poems are cute and definitely make a picture in your mind. I remember being a little kid … [Read more...] about A Light In The Attic