Countdown To Christmas: IsABelt

Do you hate it when you bend over and your thong (or worse) starts sticking out? No matter what your size, this has happened to you somewhere, sometime. Depending on who sees it, determines your level of embarrassment.  Now, IsABelt has come up with a way for this not to happen! Watch this video to see how it works:I had my sister in laws this out and ...continue reading

Countdown To Christmas: zOrb

Want to be the coolest parent ever this Christmas? The zOrb microscope is that cool gift.  I've had my 4 year old using it, so it is good for little kids all the way up to teenagers.  It easily hooks up to your computer; all you need to do is hook it up to your USB port on your laptop or desktop.  The really cool thing is that you can magnify it anywhere ...continue reading

The Upside Down Show

One of the my favorite shows that Madison watches is called The Upside Down Show. It is on Noggin, and it is about two guys named Shane and David. They have an imaginary remote control that causes them to do silly things. They even allow "you" to control their activities. The show is about all the new things they learn about. It is truly a silly show but ...continue reading

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