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Everything You Ever Wanted

I love books. I love to read. But I think many of us have different ways we choose the books we read. Some people like fiction or non fiction. Some people go by the synopsis on the back of the cover. I personally have no particular way of choosing what I read; if it sounds good or the cover grabs my attention, I will read it! Everything You Ever Wanted by … [Read more...] about Everything You Ever Wanted


What do you get the woman in your life that has everything? CAUSEBOX! CAUSEBOX is a seasonal selection of socially conscious products for women. These products give back generously to underprivileged communities, help provide jobs and sustainable income in underdeveloped areas of the world, raise awareness for different charitable initiatives, empower people, … [Read more...] about CAUSEBOX

Countdown To Christmas: Scentsational Greetings

Did you know . . . . There are over 1,000 different kinds of "smellers" in your nose? Test show a 40% improvement in mood when exposed to a pleasant scent. The average human being is able to recognize approximately 10,000 different odors. Your nose can smell directionally, telling you where an odor originates. A woman's sense of smell is … [Read more...] about Countdown To Christmas: Scentsational Greetings

Wednesday’s Hero

Gen. Ann E. Dunwoody 55 years old from Fort Belvoir, Virginia Call it breaking the brass ceiling. Ann E. Dunwoody, after 33 years in the Army, ascended Friday to a peak never before reached by a woman in the U.S. military: four-star general. At an emotional promotion ceremony, Dunwoody looked back on her years in uniform, said it was a credit to the … [Read more...] about Wednesday’s Hero