The Basement Remodel: More Drywall

As you can see from this first picture, I no longer have an opening for the kids to fall through when you are going down the stairs (which is a good thing -- its one of the first things I asked for when we decided to remodel the basement). They have almost all the drywall done now too. The bathroom is still a work in progress. And they have started on the ...continue reading

The Basement Remodel: Windows, Drywall, and Electric

Here are some pictures.  As you can see, it is slowly coming along.  We have more drywall and a new glass block window now.  The bathroom is still a work in progress, and Bill is working on the lights right now. ...continue reading

The Attic Remodel?

I am hoping to start getting some estimates on redoing the attic. I did a post today regarding the software I was using to help me figure out what I wanted to over at Lisa Reviews, and Julie wants to see what I have already done. Even though it is still a work in progress, this is what we have come up with:I am hoping you can read the room sizes. I ...continue reading