Don’t Get Ripped Off When Replacing Your Soffits and Fascias

This is a guest post. Building work is notoriously associated with a ‘con-man’ culture. Even companies who are not out to just take your money and run will often charge dramatically over the odds if they’re able to. The replacement of soffits, fascias and guttering is no exception. It’s highly common to have salespeople knock at your door, or pester you ...continue reading

The Unions, Scott Walker, and What Happened the First Time He Tried To Bust The Unions

Honestly, I am sick of hearing how awful unions are. How, those workers don't deserve those benefits. Again, let me state that Bill and I are NOT union employees. I have no reason to tout their virtues except that unions have helped us all. Just like everything else in life, there are good unions and bad unions. For every story you have about how the ...continue reading