Wednesday’s Hero

I just realized today was Thursday. I apologize that I forgot to put this up yesterday. Its been a busy week. Pictured Left to Right Chief Warrant Officer Mark O'Steen, 43 years old from Ozark, Alabama Chief Warrant Officer Thomas Gibbons, 31 years old from Prince Frederick, Maryland Staff Sgt. Daniel L. Kisling Jr., 31 years old from Neosho, … [Read more...]

Wednesday’s Hero

This week's hero is a good one. Robert Cone is the second Cousin of Wednesday Hero's partner in crime, Greta. Robert S. Cone 85 years old from Delray Beach, Florida 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division Surrounded by family, feted by a U.S. congressman and a Veterans of Foreign Wars color guard, one of the few surviving members … [Read more...]

Four Foods on Friday #7 questions

I have been meaning to do this meme forever, and I never remember to do it. My goal is to do it every week from here on out.  My sister does it every week and has a blast with it, so I figure why not. #1. Bagels. What’s your favorite kind of bagel and how do you like to eat them? Plain. I like them toasted and just regular. #2. Mashed potatoes. How … [Read more...]

Birth Control

As a young woman nowadays, birth control is very important. The choices you make regarding it also have a great deal of weight attached to them. My Birth Control Trial and Errors I personally have tried several different things. My first method of birth control was the pill. When I first started it, there was not over a dozen of different kinds. … [Read more...]