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Ten Things I Learned While I Was At Pampers/P & G

1.  Use Head and Shoulders as a body wash.  It removes fungus, athlete’s foot, etc

2.  Their mission statement is Happy healthy baby development

3.  According to studies that Pampers has done, babies who sleep uninterrupted all night function better in the morning. Keep the moisture away from their behind and they won’t wake up at night! (well, except to feed and Pampers really can’t do anything for that).

4.  Pampers senstive wipes are softer than soap and water!

5.  They try to see the world through a babies’ eyes.  See picture below:

Yes, that bench is that big! It gives you a whole new perspective!

6. A baby walks more steps a day than a marathoner.

7. They have a “Discovery Center” where they have moms come in and test the diapers and prototypes. They get reimbursed for their time with gift certificates for local stores. They also have a daycare for the other children (who aren’t in diapers) of these moms.

8. The new Pampers Swaddlers have a pee line on them. :) There is actually a line on them that changes colors when babies do their thing in them.

9. Another goal of Pampers is to “make a tired mom smile”.

10. I want to drink the Pampers Kool Aid. These people truly believe in their product. We were a Pampers family before I went to this and this just cemented my diaper choice!

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  1. Love the chair pic! Did you guys have to climb up to get on it?

    The line on the pampers sounds good (if diaper technology can sound good). What causes the line to appear? Is it like an acid base test?

  2. We cheated, we used a step stool. :)

    I don't know what causes it to change colors. Though we actually got to take a diaper and pour water into it to watch it work.

  3. Oh, how interesting. I love that huge bench. Some of our carpet manufacturers have people come in and walk on their carpet to test it. I want to do that for a living!

  4. LOVE that bench!!!! And I have heard of many things for fungus, but never Head and Shoulders. I'm going to Google it right now. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Head and shoulders kills fungus, very interesting. Which age are the swaddlers for because the pee line sounds cool. My son is in 4's, I think swaddlers were infants right? Anyway, nice post, thanks for the tips.

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