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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Well, I have had an interesting couple of days. You may have noticed that I am in the process of making changes to my template. It was looking great last night and then Internet Explorer decided to blow it up. Courtney has been awesome with helping with all the changes I am trying to do. We got a call last night from Delta. They canceled our airline tickets for our vacation in Arizona in February. No, I am not kidding. Over the phone last night, I had to rebook our flight. What a mess. It also messes up some plans I have in place already. Today, I am suppose to be making those phone calls to fix that. It also doubles our layover times. Sucky. However, after spending my morning on the phone with the insurance company, I really don’t feel like calling and sitting on hold with anyone else. I am fighting them sending a $77 bill to collections that I don’t owe. The good news is that Bill got a raise. I am hoping that we can save that money and put an addition onto the house. However, I am still waiting for him to find his tape measure, so I can, at least, measure the attic and layout what I want up there. Actually, I know what I want — just not sure it will all fit.

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