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So the laborers went on strike here. What does that mean? Well, Bill works at a construction site right now. And where we live, if one union goes on strike they all do. Since Bill is management, he can cross the line. However, besides a few project managers, there’s nobody at work.

Kari (my sister’s) bachelorette party is this weekend. I’ll have to blog how it went. Right now, I am just looking at all the receipts for the money I’ve spent and am ready to cry. Andy’s (Kari’s fiance) party is also this weekend. So we get to drive home 4 hours with hangover Sunday. I am sure looking forward to that (sarcasm).

Hey, check out my renter —> Adventures in Parenting. I didn’t think it would be hard to pick out who my renter would be, but it was. However, Valerie’s life sounded pretty close to mine, so I had to go with her. I’d like to thank everyone else who bid though. There were so many good choices.

Also, my article I wrote will be printed in the Daily Southtown on June 8th. I am so excited. It is a short taste testing article, but hey I am in the paper.

Well, its 11:30 pm and I have to finish packing for the weekend. I’ll see everyone again on Sunday (well, maybe Monday depending on how I am feeling.)

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