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Weight Loss Update

It has been about a month, since my partnership with Nutrisystem has been over. I’ve been on my own. I know I’ve had several people ask how I’ve been doing.


Now, I haven’t lost any more weight. However, I haven’t gained any more weight either. I’ve just maintained for the last month, and I’ll take that! I just went on a shopping trip this morning (because I needed dresses pants and the ones I bought a couple months ago were too big!).

See my haul up there? One of those sweaters is a Small. Pants are a 10 (remember, I started in a 24W when I began losing weight.) The bras — well, my shopping trip I was a 38 DD. The bras today, 36D. (Started out in a 44DD last year.) I may not have lost weight but the girls have gotten smaller (and yes, that does make me very happy lol).

Best of all, I got all of that for $92 (that’s including 10% sales tax!). 2 bras, a pair of dress pants, 2 sweaters, and a dress top! I think I did pretty well!

Best of all, I have maintained my weight loss. :)

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  1. That is great! I told my husband the other day, that once I reached my goal weight the hard part would start… maintaining it. Congrats!

  2. Congrats Lisa. You are a proof that being fit and healthy can be sustained if it is accompanied by a mental change. You decided that you will not go back again, and you have done an amazing job.


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