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What Would You Do If A Guy In The Alley Behind Your House Had A Gun?

I had the strangest thing happen today. Let me start by explaining how my house is set up. Behind my house, there is an alley. There is grass that most of the people don’t mow, and it’s more of an easement for the utilities than anything. I also have an alley on the side of my home too. That alley has gravel on it. My garage faces this alley (no I don’t have a driveway) and so does the neighbor behind us.

So Will and I get home from school today, and we were in the backyard admiring my handwork of putting up an American flag (by myself). Then I hear “click, click, click”. I turn around and there is a guy in the back alley holding a gun (a gun that looks like a riffle). I’m like okay Will let’s get in the house. The guy never said anything to me nor did he even look at me. So I called Bill. My first thought was to call the police, but Bill figured if he was up to no good that he wouldn’t be so open in the alley back there. So his vote was to do nothing and if I felt nervous to look the door. So I called my mom. She’s like hang up with me and call the police! I was about to do that and looked out the window again. Guess what I saw.

Now, I still see the guy with the gun. But now I notice that there is guy standing on the garage that is not directly behind me, but the next one over. The guy on the roof has a pitchfork looking rake and is hitting the roof of the garage with it. At that point, I figured I was safe. :) I thought it was strange but still not sure what the heck was going on.

So when I took Will to the doctor today, I back out of my garage and go past the alley. Then I realized what they were doing. There was a hole in the fascia (which is just below the roof). It was about 6 inches longs and 3 inches wide. I’m guessing some animal got in there. The guy on the roof was pounding trying to get whatever creature in there out. The guy with the gun was going to shoot said animal? That’s my best guess. I’m still not sure if it was a real gun, a dart gun, or just a BB Gun.

So if you saw a guy in the alley with a gun, what would you do?

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  1. What would I do? Well, that's easy…wet my pants!!!! And after I'd changed my knickers and chided myself for doing that, I probably would have crawled under the bed with the phone and called everyone I knew and asked them what THEY would do.

    But then, that's just me.

  2. OMG! I would be terrified. I think I would have gone back in the house as well. Then, I would have talked to my dad because he's sensible and would know what I should do. I'm glad everything turned out ok.

  3. Unfortunately, being a southern girl would have me reacting totally differently. I would have said, "Hey! What ya' got? Need some help?" I would just assume that he had a problem he was trying to resolve. ROTFL! Geez, I probably wouldn't survive very long in the city.

  4. I live in the country so I probably would just think hunter and go on with my day, but when I lived in the city I would think of calling the police too. You just never know.

  5. I would have taken my children into the house and called the police immediately, no questions asked, given the information you've shared.

    Good for you for getting inside quickly!

    Things I would have considered if I were in this situation are:

    What was his demeanor? How was he holding the riffle? What was the clicking sound from? Loading? Could it have been a bb gun? Had you seen this guy before in your neighborhood? There are so many things to consider, but he potentially has a weapon and you have a child to protect.

    And, if he is in his right mind, he will understand your reason for calling the authorities, especially if he has nothing to hide.

    I am in Texas, where people carry guns, but I find it inconsiderate of him to be walking around with a riffle, exposed, where he is clearly not on a gun range, hunting, involved in a gun sport activity, or in any danger. But let the authorities figure that out for you.

    If he was not a threat, it would have been nice if he would have said something to you like 'hey, I just saw a lion run that way and wanted to shoot it….'

    What are the concealed handgun laws in your state? As a gun advocate, you still must approach these situations with caution.

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