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Where is the accountability?

You know, I seriously hate being negative on here.  I really do.  However, some thing just tick me off to no end, so you all have to hear about them.  :)

If you are a regular reader here, you know about my struggle with the public school and that we are considering sending her to private school.  Click here to read all about it.

Now, my taxes pay their salaries and getting someone to talk to me is like pulling teeth.  Then they don’t really answer what I ask either.  However, my favorite has to be the Chicago Tribune article I read this week that the schools districts are telling parents to ignore the state test scores since they were graded differently this year.  However, at the state level, they are saying the grading is comparable to years past.  So who is right?  Who needs to recheck their job descriptions and find out that they have no right to tell the parents anything?

Seriously, where is the accountability?  I hear over and over that public schools are better since they are accountable.  Really?  They won’t talk to parents, they lie about test scores, etc. Where is the accountability?

Here is what I have learned from the private school.  They are very transparent.  They don’t baby any parents.  The principal even said at the open house that if 90% of the parents can do it right, they all should be able to and that they don’t put up with that crap.  Every time I have called and talked to them, they have answered every single one of my questions.  They told me the class size this year for every single grade (K-8).  The people answering the phone were extremely knowledgeable.  There has only been one question they didn’t know the answer to and she gave me the number of the person who would (and that person did!).  I can come in anytime and tour the school, and their test scores are an open book that can also be looked at any time I want.  Granted, I have to pay to get this type of service but don’t I pay the public schools too?

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  1. Well, I hate to say it, but if you weren't already leaning toward the public school (which my spidey sense tells me were are), then this is another point on their scorecard.

  2. all i can say, education is a priviledge. its not anymore a right. and it has been for a very long time. if paying would make you feel a lot more comfortable with the system, then by all means do so. there's no greater investment than a good education. That's just me and sorry about your rant! 😉

  3. I'd love to understand in what format the school has lied about test scores. The school's test scores along with these public employee's salaries are public domain and you can have access to them from your public library. It's not something they may invite you to do, although some may, but that's where they are available. If they have printed something false, that's a serious legal problem but if they are just being vague with you, perhaps it is due to the changes in scoring which are quite extensive and difficult to quickly explain. t Accountability is a tough concept which would need to be narrowed down to distinctly what service you wish for the school to provide that you are being denied. The tiered levels of Administration and the changes in testing could be the barrier that's standing between you and feeling comfortable with the public school system. Remember you will also have to face the same body of administators who are accountable to the state anyway, if you choose a private school. They may have a different criteria for hiring staff, and provide a different model for delivering education there, but the same testing will occur and be scored the way the state mandates. Just some thoughts coming from someone whose been on all three sides, as parent and as educator in both private and public sector…there are always muddy lines in issues as big as education…navigating through it is a huge task…i wish you luck

  4. No, they aren't lying about the test scores. They are telling parents to ignore them. Which means there still is no accountability.

    Right now, since the private school wants to work with me and the public school seems to have made me the enemy because I have questions, I am really leaning towards sending my daughter to private school.

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