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You Look Amazing – #NSNation Update – Week 27

The nice thing about weight loss is that when you see people you haven’t in a while, they tend to be shocked especially when you lose a large amount of weight as I have this year. When you have doctors (for me it was my chiropractor and my OBGYN) telling you look amazing, they might be onto something.

I went to a conference this weekend and I all I heard is how great I looked. Now, I don’t get to see fellow bloggers all that much, so it has been a while since most have seen me. Everyone I saw couldn’t believe how good I looked. However, I still didn’t see it. I knew that the dress I wore in May, well, it didn’t fit for the conference. Thank God, it was a wrap dress so we were able to make it work! This picture is of me and my friend Lisa. Since January, we have both have lost over 50 lbs, so between the two of us we’ve lost over 100 lbs! I even got to meet the fitness expert Andrea Metcalf! She gave me a bit of advice about how I get my brain to see what the rest of you do. She said to print off a picture of myself that I see the weight loss and look at it every day and basically retrain my brain. However, I didn’t have one till I saw the pictures from the Brands and Bloggers Summit, and I finally have a picture I see it!

I will be using this! I barely even recognized myself! I finally can be proud of what I’ve done so far because I finally see it!

Now, my ablation surgery is Thursday. I’m not sure if that will affect my weight loss for this week. However, I’ll do my best to stay with my Nutrisystem food, and hopefully I’ll have another great week. For this week, I am looking at a 1.2 lbs weight loss which brings my total weight loss to 53.6 lbs!

Thank you Nutrisystem!

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  1. You look wonderful! Plus that dress is gorgeous. What is your motivation to lose weight? Some people cannot lose weight because they cannot fix their focus on a specific motivation so your tips might help us, indeed! Thanks a lot for sharing! More power to your blogs!

  2. Goosebumps! I can really see the big difference in you in the 2nd photo. I mean I've been seeing a difference all along, but that photo just got me :) You look fabulous!!

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