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About a month ago, I was invited to go to 1-800-Baskets. Now, I had heard of 1-800-Flowers before, but never 1-800-Baskets. I was in for an eye opening experience.

Now, when you look at a gift basket or tower, do you ever think about how much work goes into it? I'll be honest, I never did. It was just something I looked at on their website and ordered. What I never knew was how much time and effort goes into making just one of these baskets. I have to say I was impressed. All of the employees that we met with had such enthusiasm for their jobs. The CEO actually went with us all day. We got to taste test the chocolate and the cheese that they use in their baskets.

This is their design center.  It was huge and impressive:

One of the coolest things we got to do (besides all the learning) was to make our own gift baskets:

I can honestly say that I will be ordering from 1-800-Baskets in the future (I've actually got an ordered placed for a Christmas present!). After seeing the quality and workmanship that happens at 1-800-Baskets, I'll be using them for years to come.

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