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10 Reasons Why Your Mom WILL Use Google+

Robert Scoble wrote a post about why your mom won't be using Google+.  If you read my post from last week, you know I've had the ability to play with Google+ for a bit now, and I have to disagree.  Why?  Well, I'm a mom.  And I use Google+.

1.  I love Circles.  The argument seems to be that non-geeks won't understand circles and won't use them.  I can think of many reasons why they will.  Let's say you want to vent about your inlaws or your job or pretty much anything you don't want the whole world knowing.  You can easily just send a message to your friends complaining (make sure you disable the share option) and you don't have to worry about the world knowing.  (Yes, I know they can still screenshot it, but if they are your friends, do you really think they will?)

2.  The mobile app is beyond easy to use.  I downloaded in the car on the way to a camping trip, and used it in the car (Need to add that I was not driving).  I was able to easily have the picture appear in my stream (it was a picture of how full my van was packed!).  It was a great test post and I have even been told how great the pictures looked on Google+ versus Facebook.  They just have a much more crisp look to them.

3.  Hangouts.  If you are like me (a mom) and your family lives far away, this is a great feature.  I can talk to my sister and my parents (who both live 4 hours away) and they don't have to be at the same house!  We can be a family together even though we are in 2 states.  It just makes it easier to get online and talk.  As long as I can write directions on how to use it, my parents (who aren't all that tech savvy) can figure it out.

4.  Simple interface.  Makes writing direction to use things much easier (see above).  Remember the saying, Keep in simple stupid?  That's what Google did with this interface.  Simple makes it much more friendly to nongeeks.

5.  Adults are here.  This is exactly what the doctor ordered for us stay at home moms.  Facebook limits you to your friends.  On Google+, you can expand your horizons and follow those who you may not personally know however find interesting.  You can have adult conversations with people who may have opposing viewpoints and you don't have to worry about whether or not somebody you knew in high school is going to read your insightful comment.

6.  One stop shopping.  Moms need our lives to be as simple as possible.  We are busy.  I like having my email, social networking, documents, etc all in one spot instead of having 20 bookmarked sites to do the same thing.

7.  Sparks.  This looks for videos and articles it thinks you’ll like, so “when you’re free, there’s always something to watch, read, and share.”  If your bored, have a go in there 🙂

8.  With a Google+ account, you get unlimited photo storage (aff) on Picasa.  I love being able to take a picture with my phone (which I have available to me most of the time.  I don't normally carry my camera all too much), upload it, and not have to worry if I'm going to exceed my storage space.  And who doesn't like free?

9.  You control your privacy unlike Facebook who doesn't bother to tell you that they sold your information till after the media catches it.  Google Plus also makes it easy to control your privacy settings.  You don't have to dig through 20 menus to get there.

10.  I'm here, and your mom loves me.  Why wouldn't she want to hang out where all the cool people are? 🙂

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7 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Your Mom WILL Use Google+

  1. Interesting, i think its going to be one of those things that only time will tell. As so many new enhancement people use them as they are new but after a couple of weeks they go back to the core features.

    Having said that has the potential to be very useful.

  2. Yes, and this Grandmom's on Google+ too and liking the ease of it! You made some very good points about the privacy issues. Circles are nice because you can be selective as to who you choose to include in them.

  3. I Just heard this last night from a friend, and this sound's interesting.. It seems like Google is taking over everything, there's already a up coming chrome book i don't yet about the pc world, and now taking Google is tackling Social Networking.. Just can't wait what they will do next…


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