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10 Things You Should Know About John Chow

Besides being an A List blogger, I'll be honest — I really did not know too much about him.  However, after seeing him at Izeafest (yes, I was too chicken to actually talk to him), I was able to make a couple of observations.

1.  He is a blogger first and a celebrity/speaker second.  He was the only blogger/speaker on the Big Money Blogger Panel that I saw attend the Izeafest Conference the entire time both days.  He was always front and center in the audience.  I was super impressed to see him actually blogging about the conference on his blog.

2 (aff).  He is really nice.  He talked to every single person that walked up to him.

3 (aff).  He likes free stuff as much of the rest of us.  Drew gave him an X-shot to play with, and I watched him and his wife play with it for about 2 (aff) hours.  (Shhhh, I played with mine for longer than that.  LOL)

4.  He has been in three movies as a security guard!

5.  He was surprised that Google who makes billions of dollars a year kicked him out.  In that scale, he is just an itty bitty little fleck.

6.  He is really, really funny.  Don't believe me?  Watch this video:

7. He is normal person who likes to do normal things with normal people. Just ask Colleen who took him on a tour of Universal Studios on Sunday.

8. He joined in the IzeaHunt which was a crazy scavenger hunt we did. He was just as wild crazy as the rest of us. Don't believe how crazy it was? Watch this:

9. He was constantly videotaping and taking pictures of everything. I don't know why but it just surprised me to see that he was just as interested in everything as the rest of us were.

10. He just got a really cool new template on his blog. I have to admit I really like it. Its clean and well, I always like blue.

Did you learn anything about John Chow that you didn't know?

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11 thoughts on “10 Things You Should Know About John Chow

  1. How interesting! I always thought of him as arrogant but have changed my mind since watching him when Drew conducted the top bloggers panel. Very interesting. They seemed to know just about as much as the rest of us! LOL

  2. I too was impressed to see him at the conference the entire time. I never really followed his blog until the conference, but I'm really enjoying it now.

  3. WoW, this is definitely a chance in a lifetime, where you can't even buy it with money! By the way, John indeed a person that full with humor sense 🙂

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