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150 Fun Songs For Kids

Picture_1I love to pass along great deals that I come across, and this is definitely one that you'll love if you have small kids!  Tomorrow (Easter Sunday), you will be able to get this collection (which has 150 songs on it!) for only 99 cents!  This album normally sells for $9.49, so what a great deal this is!  It has classics like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Hickory Dickory Dock, and London Bridge Is Falling Down just to name a few.  There were only a couple of songs I don't think I've heard of, so the selection of songs is truly excellent.  You can even preview the songs too!  I can see this being great for a long car trip (and we do several of those here — usually about once a month).   According to Amazon, if you would buy all these songs separately, you are looking at spending $132.51 more!  Now, what a great savings!
Now remember, this is good for tomorrow and this is 3 CD collection that is actually a MP3 download.  I know I will be heading over there tomorrow to download some great songs for my kids to listen too!  What is your favorite kids song?  I'll bet it is probably in this collection! Make sure you check out 150 Fun Songs For Kids!


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