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28 Weeks Later

Bill and I caught 28 Weeks Later last night. This is definitely not a movie to watch when your kids are up. I have to admit that this was one of the better horror flicks I have ever seen. Being a horror flick, you do have to give up some of the logic of the real world. This is the sequel to the movie 28 Days. The plot is pretty limited, but the gore is definitely intense. The basic plotline is that zombies (which are humans infected with a virus that makes them go insane and violent and want to eat other humans' flesh) are basically going around infecting everyone. You know how you sometimes see people go a little crazy when they are in drug rehabilitation and their bodies are going through withdrawal? This is ten times worse. The story is about the children of a couple who are trying to get out of the infected zone before the military kills them (the military is trying to stop the spread of the disease by methods of extermination). It is a gory movie. All in all, even though the plot is very thin (but aren't most horror films?), it is a great movie. The ending sucked though. If you have seen this, let me know, because Bill and I disagree on the significance of the ending. Without stating too much and giving it away, I think they ended it the way they did, so they can have another sequel. However, I personally like my story to have an happily ever after ending whenever possible, and you really don't know if that's what happened here.

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6 thoughts on “28 Weeks Later

  1. That was an interesting movie. I a big horror fan (though as I get older I prefer the horror to be in the story line, not in gore). As for the ending, I really liked the first movie's much better. I think this one was predictable.

  2. 28 Days Later was a lot better. Days had a more complete story, had more interesting characters, and actually ended at a good moment, tying up all ends, where as Weeks basically skipped a whole lots to show a 'cliffhanger' ending for lack of a better term.

    If you like audio fiction, try http://pseudopod.org/2008/04/04/pseudopod-84-the-… this on for size. It is a zombie story in a different setting. It isn't a perfect story, but it is different!


  3. I have seen the trailors of this movie and the movie looks to really scary and interesting as I like watching horror flicks.But definitely not viewable for children.

  4. My friends watch this movie and they told me that it was awesome.
    🙂 Maybe I'll rent a dvd. And find out for my self if its really great.

  5. @Lisa: Alswasy with zombie or pseudo zombie movies put the kids to bed, first. 😉

    Too gory for wee ones which 28 Days was sort of not.
    I agree with your commenter who said it was a predictable ending.

    28 Days had Cillian Murphy, 28 Weeks did not. Huge difference.
    (I watched both movies with Netflix on spouse's big teevee, 28 Days twice now I think since it's been out for a while.) I liked Murphy in Sunshine too though it is also an imperfect movie. Though it does has some weirdly awesome stuff. A lot of death in Sunshine. Murphy was quite awesome, too as the Scarecrow in Batman Begins and he's in the Dark Knight I am dying to go but leaving for cottage country any minute( in the next 36 hours)–no cinema to speak of at my destination in the hinterlands of Ontario.
    Hey, if you see it let everyone know how it was!
    Did you know, getting myself back on topic, that there is a film "29 Days Later? USA: longer version?" (imdb)

  6. not really a fan f this movie, just another hack and slash lookingto cash in on the money. if your a horror fan go see te strangers insted

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