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31 Weeks

From Babycenter:

How your baby's growing: This week, your baby measures about 16 inches long. He weighs a little over 3 (aff) pounds and is headed for a growth spurt. He can turn his head from side to side, and he's beginning to accumulate a layer of fat underneath his skin in preparation for life as a newborn. As a result, his arms, legs, and body are filling out.

4 thoughts on “31 Weeks

  1. Awesome. I'm gonna ask a question.

    Will you be sharing newborn pics of the baby?

    So many people worry about posting pics of themselves and their kids, but if you never post where you live, no one will find you.

    But if you don't post pics, will you at least email them to friends who want to see the little one?

  2. I actually want to get one of the posties phone numbers, so I can call you when we have the baby. I won't be able to get online and my hubby has no idea how to blog. And I know everyone will be wanting the info. Heck, I was gone for a couple days from the forums and Julie thought I went into labor. LOL

    I planned on putting a couple of photos up when I have time after the baby.

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