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3D Coloring Art Books

My kids like to color. They also love 3D. If you combine the two, then my kids are in seventh heaven! I Color 3D has come up with an awesome 3D Coloring Book. It features dinosaurs in their natural habitat with incredible 3D projection.

Madison flips through the book constantly. I'll be honest — I have no idea how my kids have colored this book. It is definitely a challenge! Coloring in 3D is not as easy as it looks! Madison thought this coloring book was “awesome”. She also kept telling me to put my fingers in the dinosaurs mouth and says “mom, doesn't it look like it's going to eat your fingers?”. My husband has even gotten a kick out of this book.

Icolor3D Coloring Book is a must have. It's one of those items for the hard to shop for kids, or just a treat for your little ones! Happy Coloring!

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