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A Camping We Will Go

Bill wants to go camping this summer.  No matter how much I beg to get a hotel — I'm getting overridden.  As a kid, we often went to Jellystone, so that's what I've been checking out.  They have kid activities.  However, I can't find any good reviews for campgrounds.  On Trip Advisor, it's just people mostly complaining (like the kid 2 (aff) sites down cried.  Umm, yeah, babies do that.  And those parents were crabby.  I don't know — could it be they were doing the best they could to have rude people ask you to keep your crying baby quiet).  One of the sites I am looking at is Jellystone Park at Fort Atkinson.  It's about 2 (aff).5 hrs from here.

Have you been there?  Do you know of any family friendly sites that allow tents (Bill's parents have a tent that we can use)?

4 thoughts on “A Camping We Will Go

  1. I went there about 10 years ago with my family (i was only 15) but it was a really fun trip, i dont remember the details. But you will have a lot of fun with your family there. Have a safe and fun trip


  2. We camp at state parks. We see a lot of children having fun. Just bring their bikes, bubbles, frisbees, remote controlled cars or boats, fishing gear and let them explore nature. If they are old enough, give them their own tent to keep their stuff in, let them cook their own meals on campfire and teach them orienting skills.

    Wherever you go, have a good one.

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