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A Day Off But We’re Still Working

Bill has today off. Woohoo! I got to sleep in till 9 (which any parent knows is super late since Will got up at 5 am which is slightly better than the 4 am yesterday). I got to dream about flats to rent in Leeds and whatever else fit my fancy. (I don't really remember my dreams, so who knows what I really dream about. The only one I still remember was not a flat rental in Leeds — I dreamt I had miscarriage when I was pregnant with Will. To this day, it still freaks me out).

Whoops, a little off topic there.  LOL.  Seriously though, Bill got it in his head that we are cleaning the house today.  All of it.  Every single room.  He's been in the kitchen for about an hour or so now cleaning (though there's no way it would have taken me that long but whatever).  He still hasn't mopped though I do think he's swept.  I am suppose to be cleaning (shhhhh that I'm doing this instead).  We thinks we should have a little get together tomorrow for the 4th even though it's suppose to pour.  So needless to say, I'll probably not be here much longer because I have a living room to clean.

How are you spending your 4th?

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