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A Little Shirt Here, A Gym Uniform There

We went and picked up the rest of the school uniform Madison needs for school.  I lucked out and got about $150 worth of uniform stuff from the uniform exchange they had at the end of the school year.  They are having another in August, and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to pick up what we were still missing.  Then I figured the uniform store would have them on back order.  I decided to head over and get what we needed for they were too picked over.

Before we went, I had already gotten her 2 jumpers, 2 shirts, a sweater, and a pair of pants.  Yesterday, I got her 1 gym T-shirt, 1 pair of gym shorts, 1 gym sweatshirt, 1 pair of gym sweatpants, 2 shirts, and 2 headbands.  I almost fell over when it rang up to $80!  However, my mom informed me that school clothes probably would have costed me more.

My question to you is:  How much are you spending on school clothes this year? Will it be at department store? These Macys coupons could save you big bucks!

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4 thoughts on “A Little Shirt Here, A Gym Uniform There

  1. It's hard for me to say because my school-age kid still is only 6, so we're buying in several batches a year, but I'd bet your mom is right. I spent $40 this week just on jeans – and those were four pairs of Toughskins on sale!

    To make it even worse, I know I'll be buying pants again sooner rather than later. I just bought seven pairs in March and only four survive – the boy is rough on the knees, to say the least. Why go gently off a playground structure when you can jump?

    Luckily, his shirts from last year still fit so that isn't a factor. But I bet I'll be buying shoes three or four times during the year – most brands seem to be made out of Kleenex these days.

  2. I don't spend that much as I buy during sales or from the discount store here. Since my daughter is small and doesn't grow much during the year, I buy a bit bigger or buy the elastic waists that you can make bigger or smaller. We don't need gym uniforms too. We're lucky because we don't need our school's name on the shirts like some schools do.

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