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A Shopping I Will Go

This year for my birthday I asked for money.  It is so much easier just to shop for myself.  This year, I want clothes and towels for my birthday.  Now, towels are easy to buy.  Clothes, well those aren't quite as easy.  However, one night this week, I am going to head over to the mall to go shopping.

One of the first stores I am going to check out is Sears.  Sears is one of are anchor stores and always has great deals there.  Right now, they are offering 75-80% off their original prices on fall and winter apparel until April 18th!  Not only can I get some great deals for me, but I can also get some great deals on my kids clothes for next year (Madison outgrew the girl we get clothes from and Will did too.  It has gotten pretty expensive to buy them clothes, so I like to save when I can.)

Even though my kids need clothes, I like some new shirts for myself. All of my more dressier T-shirts have shrunk from being washed a million times.  Now, that I have birthday money, I plan on using it on myself and buying myself some shirts like that on the left.  How often can you get plus size shirts for only $7.99?

Honestly, there is just so much Sears apparel that appeals to me. I could spend another thousand words showing you all of the stuff I like (and that's just off the clearance rack!).

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2 thoughts on “A Shopping I Will Go

  1. I often buy clothes at the discount, at the end of the season because I do not follow trends. So, I save a lot of money. Of the discounts, I can buy a shirt up to 3 times cheaper.

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