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A Shopping I Will Go

Yes, I think almost every post this week is going to be about my trip. This is the first trip I am actually getting excited about. I dreaded the trip to Las Vegas for BlogWorld, and I loved it there. I dreaded the trip to Miami, and that wasn't too bad either. I thank you guys who told me not to feel guilty, because we are leaving the kids. I think I needed somebody to give me permission to be okay with leaving them. I feel semi-dorky though – I have been watching the virtual tour of my hotel today. I am just trying to get a feel for what to expect. It is all of seventeen degrees here and warm would be nice.

I have been checking out the weather report today, and I am still deciding if I need to find my shorts for not. Depending where you look, I am looking at lows in the 30's and highs all the way up to 65 degrees. My big problem is that I am not sure if I will fit into any of my shorts (and where they are too). I think I will be going shopping this weekI already know where my swim suit is, so I am set with that. It is just figuring out if I need shorts that is the problem.

We are definitely packing jeans, sweatshirts, and our jackets. Who knows? I may actually start a list, so we don't forget anything. However, anything we do forget, we can buy there.

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3 thoughts on “A Shopping I Will Go

  1. I sure wish I had more time to travel. I did get awy to NYC on my own about a year and a half ago. I missed my daughter SO much, but it was relaxing.

  2. When we won the trip to New York last year, I realized how much Bill and I needed to get away with one another. I keep going back and forth with my guilt. However, I think our marriage definitely needs this too. I just wish we hadn't planned this for 7 days. That's where most of my guilt is coming from — that we are going to be gone for so long. However, my MIL told us to go for that long, so we took her up on it.

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