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About that mailbox . . .

I've never been a big fan of my mailbox.  However, it served its purpose till last night.  We woke up this morning to our mailbox laying on the ground.  Since a lot of my product reviews are sent by the mail, this is a very bad, bad thing.  Second problem, it snowed here last night, so the ground is frozen (aff).  We think it was hit by the snow plow in the middle of the night (it was still there at 11 pm).  The beam that actually holds the mailbox is split.  We had to do a horrible fix job in about 20 degree weather today.  Bill took some industrial clamps and zip ties and that is the only thing that is holding the beam together.  The beam also leans forward pretty bad, so we had to take stakes and pound them into the ground around the base.  This looks like the worst white trash mailbox I've ever seen, and there is no way to fix this until the ground thaws out.  I am hoping to get some pictures of my sorry looking mailbox tomorrow.  If anyone has any ideas of how to get new a mailbox into the frozen (aff) ground, I am all ears.

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  1. Lisa, we had that happen in the winter. We used a plastic plant pot, put the post in it and secured it with cement. We used that until the ground thawed.

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