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Abundant Harvest For Kids

Abundant Harvest For Kids is a game that takes players on a fun filled learning journey through the seasons of life. This game showing the importance of making decisions that based on principle. You don't get rewarded for beating somebody up. Instead, you get to land on spaces like “donate your time and money to a local charity” (which you then receive an Abundant Harvest Reward Card for). This game gives you a great opportunity to teach your children with some real world scenarios, and allow children to begin to develop and apply principle-based reasoning skills as they work their way through situations common in today's world. It rewards honesty, courage, and responsibility.

To be honest, this isn't like most of the games on the market. It is fun. However, there are some great life lessons that get reinforced with this game which I can totally stand behind. It's also a great communication tool that helps open up some conversations about why we give our time, talent, and treasure to others. This is definitely a game to check out.

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