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Madison and Bill have a new game. She has decided that she wants to be the Bears (as in Chicago Bears), and she wants to tackle her daddy. It is the most bizarre thing you will ever see. Remember, he is 6'2 (aff)″ and a big guy. She is a little over 3 (aff) feet and the scrawniest thing you will ever see. I swear this kid needs boxing equipment. You may all laugh when I say that, but you know what I mean.

She also has come up with a really interesting game of baseball. She stands like she has a bat in her hand and pretends to hit an imaginary ball. Then she yells “Yeah! I hit it!” and pretends to run the bases (the bases thing only happens sometimes). I swear if I could just have about an eighth of the energy she has I would be in heaven. We were talking about picking her up a T-ball stand, and it is looking like she will need it. It is the end of April, and she already wants to play football and baseball.

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