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Additions and basements

While on vacation, we made some big decisions about the house. Bill is pretty sure we can't afford to go up (that and we don't want to go into a ton of debt trying to just get the shell and then there isn't enough cash left over to actually finish the thing). We do need the extra space (Will's bedroom is only 9×11 without a closet). However, we have an unfinished basement that would really give us the extra space we need. We really just want a toy room and a living room down there. Bill would eventually like a bar and maybe a pool table with some billiards supplies. I wouldn't mind being able to put our dartboard back up too. I am pretty sure Bill wouldn't mind if I tell him to put up a game room like that. (My grandma had a pool table in her basement, and as kids, we always played with it. Not that it actually made be a better pool player – lol. She actually still has it too. She also still has a foosball (sp?) table that we enjoy playing with too.) We have almost 600 square feet that we are working with, so we really can do almost anything we want. We have gotten several quotes in the last three years about fixing our leaky basement floor, and I think this year we are going to make this a reality. We are setting up talking to my hubby's friend Tony about putting a bathroom in the basement first and then calling US Waterproofing to come out and give us an estimate next. My goal is to have a finished basement by Will's birthday. Now, whether that is really going to happen is another story.

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