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Little Adventures Doll Clothing & Matching Child's Costume Review

You know you have a hit on your hands when you daughter wants to dress out straight out of the bag.  I wasn't even able to get this dress up dress from Princess Time Toys ironed, and Madison wanted to try it on and play.  It's a very pretty dress, and Madison thought it was the coolest thing ever that it came with a dress for her doll.  The dress also came with the headband she has on.  It is a complete set!  She's already asked me to wear it for Halloween (and completely changed what she wanted to be too!).  The quality of the dress is phenomenal, and I'm not worried about letting her play in it for the next month (before Halloween).  She's gotten several hours of fun from this dress, and we just got it.  I was impressed that they carried her size (Since she is so tall, we are in the 8/10 size.  It's hard to find dress up/pretend things for that size.)  It really was a big deal that her doll can wear a matching dress.  She wants to take her trick or treating now too.  🙂

I can definitely see this making an awesome Christmas or birthday present for the little girl in your life.  Madison absolutely loves her dress and her doll's dress.  (If you want to read more about their new products, make sure you check out their blog!)

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