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Advil Congestion Relief

The CDC recently reported in USA Today that the flu season is picking up, you'll want to keep the right supplies on hand in case it hits your household. Advil Congestion Relief is one of those supplies.  A recent poll revealed that 79% of Americans were not aware that “inflamed nasal passages” are a cause of nasal congestion — not just mucus.  I know I was surprised to learn that.

If you read my personal blog, you will know that we had a lot of sickness go through this year. Right now, my daughter's school seems to have another round going through. That means, my whole house will be sick again.  Everybody else seems to kick this stuff, but I tend to have it for weeks and weeks.  We are an Advil family so Advil Congestion Relief is a welcome addition to our arsenal.

I was provided Advil Congestion Relief information, gratis samples and coupons by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.


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