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Al Gore Wins The Nobel Peace Prize

Did you hear the news? Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on climate change. Have you seen The Inconvenient Truth? If not, it is a great start to learn about climate change. It was a really good movie, and it is a great introduction to this. When Gore first talking about climate change in the 70's, they all thought he should be put in a drug treatment center. Low and behold though, he was right. The award him the prize due to his continued work of this.

If you win a Nobel Peace Prize, I guess climate warming is really a problem even if the government won't acknowledge it.

3 thoughts on “Al Gore Wins The Nobel Peace Prize

  1. Congratulations to Al Gore on winning that prestigious award! It's relieving to see that, despite being a HUGE contributor to climate change as a nation, there are high-status Americans doing something to stop it becoming even more of a problem. I hope people in similar positions of power in the US will follow his example and make a difference!

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