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An Email From Trent Reznor

I am stoked. I signed up for updates to what is going on with Nine Inch Nails a long time ago. I actually forgot I did it. I have seen NIN once live even though I have been a fan for around 15 years. The reason for the email was to promote a side project he has been working on. I'd like to pass that on to you all. I know that a lot of my readers do not care for my music taste, but I have a few who do (Kat, where are you? lol).

Anybody who has been following Trent know how evil he finds the record labels. When his last album came out, he purposely released a few tracks out on MySpace. Whoops. LOL The record label was pissed, since the local radio station here Q101 picked it up and started playing it. Everyone here in Chicago loved it! Trent may have Nothing Records, but that still is under Interscope.

Well, since working on AntiChrist Superstar with Marilyn Manson, he really has not been working on too many high profile projects. However, this newest project he has done a ton of work and wants his fans to pass on the news. He has been working with Saul Williams on The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust. Here's the player I got my hands on:

I have heard rumors that this may actually play the whole album. You are also able to preorder. Like the Radiohead sale, you can choose to pay $5 for a downloaded copy or pay nothing. I am going to go register now. What are you waiting for?

3 thoughts on “An Email From Trent Reznor

  1. Awesome! The more bands that get on board with self releasing, the more fans will start buying cds again instead of downloading.

    This is what the fans want, and the smart bands have figured that out.

    I'll be registering too. Thanks!

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