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An Eye For An Eye

Remember that sty on my eye? The one I got before we went camping. The one that gave me pink eye. Well, guess what — it's giving me problems. Bad ones.

I still have said sty.  However, my eye lid started to swell up the other day.  Back to the eye doctor.  My sty is now morphed into a soft tissue infection.  We thought an oral antibiotic would solved the problem.  Well, my face got worse.  By face, I mean my whole face.  Well, the one side of my face.  If I walk into the heat, my right side of my face swells up and my eye swells shut.  I learned this the hard way — picking Madison up from camp.  I freaked a little bit and immediately drove to the eye doctor.

Pretty much, I have an infection in my face now.  I'm stuck instead with air conditioning and am stuck putting ice packs on my face to control the swelling.  We are in a holding pattern and hoping the antibiotic finally kicks in and starts working.

Anybody want to trade lives right now?

4 thoughts on “An Eye For An Eye

  1. I had something similar happen about 5 yrs ago. Right after my daughter was born. My eye started to swell shut and I went to the ER and was admitted. I was given IV antibiotics (helped a little). I was released the next day to go directly to an eye specialist who I had to visit his office DAILY for TWO weeks. He eventually lanced the area(right below my eye brow) and drained it. I had to take oral antibiotics and it eventually cleared up. Strange. After all test and labs came back I was told it was staph infection. Scary stuff. Hope your eye gets better soon!

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