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Annoying Calls

When your phone number is one number off from the cab company, you get a lot of annoying calls (especially on New Years Eve).  I just got one now at 11:30 at night.  However, what annoys me more is the telemarketers that call.  It gets to the point that you pay for caller id just to get their number.  However, the annoying telemarketers have gotten smart, and a lot of the time it the number is the only thing that shows up.  You never know if you should answer the call or not!  That is why I like sites like AnnoyingCalls.com, because you can enter the number in and see if anyone is having a problem with that number.  You can also put the number on the site with your complaint about them.  If you have problems with telemarketers, you should definitely check this out.

3 thoughts on “Annoying Calls

  1. I hate it when telemarkerters come. I love to mess around with them so that they get as frusterated as I am that they are calling me at the worst time possible. 😆

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