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Aquaphor is one of those products that you must have when you have kids. Not only does it work for them, it works for you too. This is a product that is suppose to help dry skin which it works great on. However, there are a couple of extra uses for it also. My son right now is teething and drooling something fierce. The saliva is constantly running down his chin causing his skin to break out. Before he goes to bed at night, a dab a bit of this on his chin, and it clears up most of his break out by morning. I don’t know exactly why it works, but it does. This also works great on windburn on cheeks and dry skin anywhere on your body (for adults and kids). It is a little more expensive than regular lotion, but is definitely worth it.

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  1. I actually use this stuff for 3 days after I get a new tattoo and it works great. Keeps everything nice and moist to give it a chance to heal until you can put the Eucerin lotion on it for a week after that.

  2. My first comment here and I'm going to keep it short & sweet as I have a lot more reading to do ! Thanks for the great blog, I know I appreciate the time and effort it takes to keep these sites current !

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