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If you easy want to spruce up a room, I highly recommend Artscape.  As you can see, we put two of these up recently.  Bill and I had both up in less than hour.  We put the Cars one up in Will's room and the Tinkerbell one in Madison's room.  As you can see, these can work on any windows.

Artscape has many designs to pick from (so you don't have to pick Disney themes like I did).  They come in 24” x 36” sheets- in a roll.  They are easily trimmed if you have a smaller window than that.  My kids are absolutely loving them, and they really are nice.  The great thing is that they can easy be taken down.  It's actually just as easy as putting them up.

If you are looking for a way to spice up your room, these window decorations are the way to go.  Besides being pretty, they help manage your privacy and protect you from hazardous UV rays.  I highly recommend them for your house!


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