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Artterro Art Dolls Kit

With Madison turning eight right around the corner, I have to tell you that it is hard to find stuff for that age group. They are growing out of princesses, but they aren't quite tweens either. However, I have found the perfect gift.

Madison is super creative, so the Artterro Art Dolls Kit was right up her alley. This kit features a unique assortment of beautiful materials, patterns and colors. No two kits are exactly the same (which works awesome if you've got two girls in your family!). The kit we have comes with recycled paper, 100% wool felt dresses, glass and wooden beads, sequins, craft thread, needles, and even an idea sheet. You also get four fun dolls to design, dress, and treasure forever. You can turn them into bookmarks, decorations, scrapbook covers or friends to play with! Best of all, the box turns into a frame for your finished artwork!

The Artterro Art Dolls kit is for kids seven and up. Madison LOVED this. I loved this. It doesn't require batteries, and it wasn't too hard for her to do. I love that it is an open ended project too, so she can come back to it whenever she wants (and it is easy to supplement supplies into this too!). I also love that these kits are assembled at Goodwill Industries by people with special needs.

If you are looking for the perfect gift, Artterro Kits are the way to go. We loved them here!

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