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Aspercreme Giveaway!

Aches and pains are something that most of us deal with on a regular basis. I recently got the opportunity to test out Aspercreme which can help with minor joint and muscle pain. It can give you relief from these symptoms. Now, for me, I have to admit that it did not do much. However, Bill has what we call a bum knee. It bothers him a lot, so he was game for trying this on it. (And we did the best test ever for the Aspercreme – we used it the day after playing soccer when it was killing him). It may not have worked well for me. However, for Bill, he loves this stuff! We tried the Aspercreme Heat, and he thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread for his knee! I'm actually packing it for him for our camping trip this weekend! The other thing that we love is that there is sponge at the end, so you don't have to even touch this to put it on. (Another huge plus for Bill because he cannot stand having lotion or gel on his hands. Yes, he's weird like that. LOL).

Since Bill swears by Aspercreme now for his knee, I have arranged for one lucky reader to win an Aspercreme prize pack. In it, you will find Aspercreme Heat Gel, Aspercreme Lotion, and Aspercreme creme! Here's what you need to do:

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