Tangled: Disney Movie Review

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Since I've review a few Tangled books already, I thought I'd better give you all my thoughts on the movie. My family and I were lucky enough to see a sneak preview about a month before the movie was released. A brief synopsis: Right before her 18th birthday, Rapunzel wants to…

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Is Christmas in the air?

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I just spent a couple of wonderful days up in Green Bay. It's nice visiting my family, and we got to spend a little extra time there which made it all the better. We drove there on Thursday and got back late this afternoon. Yes, I was one of those crazy…

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Rapunzel's Amazing Hair

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This is another great Tangled book. Rapunzels Amazing Hair is about all the amazing and unexpected things Rapunzel does with her special hair. The illustrations on each page tell the story for you. It is also a great book for the beginning reader with its simple rhymes. You definitely don't need to see…

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