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Baby Orajel Naturals

I always used Baby Orajel with my kids. I know what a great product it is, so I was happy to hear that they have a Baby Orajel Naturals now.  I know if something hurts on me, I treat it, and I personally feel the same with kids.  When my kids were teething and miserable, I tried to numb their pain.

The new Baby Orajel Naturals uses clove oil as its active ingredient.  This essential oil has been used for generations as a natural way to treat oral pain.  Clove oil is extracted from the stem, leaves, and bud of hte clove plant.  Baby Orajel Naturals is benzocaine-free, alcohol-free, paraben free and dye-free.  It does taste of cloves.  It is fast acting and works very well.

Definitely give Baby Orajel Naturals a try if your little one is teething!

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